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10 Principles of Great Web Design - You Must Know

The website is always the first point of contact when customers are looking for information. Nowadays, people determine the credibility of a company.

The website is always the first point of contact when customers are looking for information. Nowadays, people determine the credibility of a company based on its impressive web design. There are many factors to consider when designing a website such as design, ease of use, and functionality. Because these factors will help convert first time visitors into potential customers. Therefore, a good website design with a better user experience will help you ensure that you rank well in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

10 Principles of Great Web Design - You Must Know

KISS Always Works

A website with minimal design elements helps visitors understand the company's business - its products and services. Adding too many design elements to the website will give it a messy look and if it takes too long to load, consumers may leave the site or stop visiting it. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), a principle that flourished during the 1960s in the US Navy, suggests that any simple idea or design works better than complex ideas. Therefore, a design with minimalist design, few color schemes and negative spaces will create a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors and motivate them to take the necessary action.

Design that captures the target audience

The website should be designed in a way that meets the company’s purpose of attracting the target audience. With everything going digital today, it is essential to create an impressive website design that matches the taste of the target audience. Therefore, to design a good website design, companies must study the perception of the buyer and other competing websites to find out what the design likes and dislikes.

Usability and Functionality

In addition to the amazing appearance, the functionality and usability of the website influence the purchasing decision of consumers and are considered the most dominant element in the design. As mentioned earlier, if the navigation system was simple, users would not have any confusion in finding the information and might end up buying the product or service. Every company should cover every aspect when designing a website, from website loading speed, navigation, and advanced search options to CTA (call to action) button placement and simple design.

Highlight what is needed

In this fast-paced world, people hardly have the patience to go through every single piece of content or page. Nearly 95% of visitors scroll through content quickly when searching for specific information, so it is crucial to design a website that highlights the main content. Website with neat presentation, like clear headers; font, color and text size; Lead or number list, etc., will create a good impression among the visitors and convince them to buy the product or service.

The design should reflect the image of the company

While the image of the company is based only on the history of customer service, first-time visitors or potential customers need some strong visual elements to have a good image of the company. There are many factors behind creating a website, such as the psychology of color, whitespace, background images, etc., so companies should keep in mind that the design of the desired website does not affect the aesthetics of the design. If every aspect of the design element fits perfectly with the website, the company's vision becomes clear, which will eventually lead to more conversions.

Use fewer technical words

The main motto of web design is to make consumers understand what the company offers and what the company is all about. Companies should be careful when choosing words to describe their products or services, because when a non-expert consumer visits their website, they will look confused when looking at the technical words. While the use of words varies by target audience, it is recommended to use commonly used terms for better understanding.

The traditional way that always helps

Today everyone can witness improper placement of pages on a website in the name of modern design. This so called modern design creates chaos among the visitors, who end up leaving the page, resulting in lower conversion rates. Therefore, traditional items like “About”, “Contact”, “Services”, “Blogs” and their placements always work well because they help potential customers choose the information they want and take action.

Compatible with mobile devices

As most of the consumers are using smartphones these days, the website should be well optimized to fit different types of digital devices and smartphones. That's why most designers use a responsive design or optimize their website to make it mobile-friendly. Google always makes every effort to return content that is closely related to the user's query. Therefore, to improve the user experience, Google comes up with new ways to improve voice search.

Importance of Website Loading Speed

If a website takes too long to load, visitors may get frustrated and leave the site. The aesthetics of the website is critical, but the loading speed of the website also plays an important role in the mind of the consumer, influencing the purchase decision. The images and content used should be well optimized. Using CSS, Javascript, and HTML will also determine the speed of a website, so use it effectively.

Visual placements help convert

Correct visual placements will allow first-time visitors or potential customers to take the required action without getting lost. The purpose of the content is to make consumers understand the company's mission, vision, and products or services. Therefore, in addition to other website content, the call-to-action element must be well designed and highlighted to convert a first time visitor into a potential customer.

Design principles will always help when designing a website. The art of web design requires more focus and the ability to think from all angles. The goal is to provide an easy-to-use and informative website. Therefore, knowing the basics of design will always help you create a unique web design that will stand the test of time. . If you are looking for web design in Sydney, contact Designpluz. We can help you by creating modern websites that will stand the test of time. 

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