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Apmody V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Download (Download Link)

Apmody is one of the most SEO-friendly and best-optimized blog templates out there. It is fully optimized to provide App Store functionality,
Apmody V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Download (Download Link)

Hey friends, in this article, as the title suggests, I will share a free blog template called Apmody. This is a Redesigned Fletro model of Jago Desain. This Template is the same as Plus UI and Lantro UI redesigned from Median UI co-written by Jago Desain.

Apmody is one of the most SEO-friendly and best-optimized blog templates out there. It is fully optimized to provide App Store functionality to bloggers. Apmody is built on modern web standards.

Apmody allows you to create an App APK or App Mod sharing website and App Window sharing. Not only that but Apmody can also be used as a blog for sharing tips or personal information.

Features of Apkmody Template

Below are some of the key features of the Apkmody template.

Features Availability
Mobile Responsive Yes
App Schema MarkupYes
SEO Friendly Yes
Ads ReadyYes
Fast Loading Yes
App Download With Safelink Yes
Personal licenseYes
Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
Error 404 Yes
Responsive Footer Yes
Social Follow Button Yes
Multi Drop Down Yes
Search Widget Yes
Related Posts With Thumbnails Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Email News Letter Widget Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Best Responsive Menu And Layout Yes

Some Advanced Features

  • Post bookmarks: This feature helps users to mark featured posts, and they will be deleted if the user clears the cache or cookies.
  • Lazy Load Google AdSense: Helps blogs with Google Adsense ads to load faster
  • Music Player: The Music Player feature I also have a tutorial article Creating a Music Player Using JavaScript that you can refer to.
  • Consent to cookies: To notify users that the blog uses cookies to store information.
  • Country Ban: Ban users from a specific country.
  • No internet connection: Notifies when The User loses internet connection.
  • Enforce JavaScript: Helps you display ads and content smoothly.
  • Multi-language support via Google Translate.
  • Countdown Download Box: Download button with countdown timer.
  • Real-time download: Count downloads.
  • Real-time Views: A real-time view counter on a post.
  • Thanks Claps: It's similar to the Facebook Like feature but with a different part.
  • HLJS Tool (Syntax Highlighting)
  • Plugin script (Shortlink + Safelink
  • Safelink: Help Increase Your Blog Traffic With Safelink
  • Maintenance Mode: Maintenance function, when enabled, users will receive maintenance notifications. The administrator will not see this message to facilitate interface upgrade.
  • Quick Editing: When the admin goes to the blog page, quick edit buttons are displayed for easy editing.
Apmody V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Download (Download Link)

Apmody V1.4 Blogger Template Demo

You can see the demo below, this is the model I removed the license key from, so it won't need a license key to activate it and of course still full of features like I shared above, you can see the demo below.


Why we choose Apmody V1.4 Blogger Template

Apmody comes with a lot of extra features that make this template unique and you won't find these kinds of features in any template even on an Envato-like platform.

  • Theme Licensing:- One of the best features to protect your website tools, Apmody comes with licensing features and an unreadable JavaScript library.
  • Maintenance Mode:- If maintenance mode is enabled, viewers will not be able to access your site until the time you specify so that you can make changes to your blog. It will not appear every time an admin visits your blog.
  • Download Lazy Load Google AdSense: - Load Lazy Load Google AdSense and Analytics Even custom javascript can load slowly
  • Bookmarks:- This addon will allow visitors to save/bookmark posts so that they can read them later.
  • System default:- If the default system is selected by the users, the mode i.e. light/dark will be switched automatically according to the device color scheme.
  • Theme color: - Allow your visitors to choose their favorite theme color for your blog. You can set any color you want.
  • Music Player:- If you are looking for a beautiful music player to use for your Blogger blog? Apmody v1.4 has a music player that allows you to play your music files, such as mp3
  • Earning: - To improve your ad revenue, use Anti boom.
  • Countdown Download Box:- If you provide a file to download on your website then this download box will be useful...
  • Anti Ad-Blocker: - To increase your advertising money...
  • Real-time Views: - Real-time views counter their posts
  • Real-time Download: - Apmody counts on your post which shows how many people have downloaded their apps in real-time based on Firebase.
  • Consent for cookies: - To obtain user consent for cookies...
  • Country Ban: - Prevent users from certain countries from accessing your site.
  • No internet connection: - Notify users when the internet connection is lost.
  • HLJS Tool: Syntax Syntax Parsing Tool
  • APP post builder tool: - Create a post very easily in a minute
  • Enforce JavaScript:- Helps you to serve ads and content smoothly.
  • Google Translate: - Apmody comes with multi-language support.
  • Thanks, Clap: - A counter in their post that shows how many people have thanks to the owner's clap in real time based on the base of the fire.
  • Safelink: - Plugin Text (Shortlink + Safelink) Paid
  • Additional Features: - 2 thumbnails for app messages, photo slider, app schema data, and much more.

Apmody V1.4 Blogger Template Design is Very Responsive

Apmody v1.4 Blogger Template is a quick loading template. Apmody Blogger Template v1.4 works well on all devices as search engines like Google give more priority to mobile indexing. This is why it is essential for any website to remain responsive. All these features are provided in Apmody Blogger Template v1.4.

Apmody v1.4 Blogger Template is Fully Optimized for SEO

Apmody Blog Template v1.4 is fully optimized for search engines. All meta tags and other SEO exercises are also included in this Apmody v1.4 blogger template. Without a website, any website is just HTML and that website cannot be considered valuable. Therefore, Apmody Blog Template v1.4 has been fully optimized to achieve maximum search results.

Apmody v1.4 Blogger Template is Fully Customizable

Apmody blogger template v1.4 can be edited via the blogger layout section. The colors of this Apmody v1.4 template can also be easily edited by customizing the blogger theme. Also, the totem and menu details of this template can be changed easily. Apmody v1.4 Blogger template has a lot of customizations that can be used without changing any HTML code.

Some Best Features of Apmody V1.4 Blogger Template 

  • Full Response
  • Multi-Colors
  • Mobile Compatible
  • SEO Friendly
  • Support for Shortcodes
  • Learn more automatically with tiles
  • Responsive Footer
  • Social Follow Button
  • Multiple drop-down Menu
  • Related Articles with Thumbnail
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Back Button to Top
  • Best Responsive Menu & Layout
  • Scheme Encoding
  • Menu Navigation

How to Download Apmody V1.4 Blogger Template

Due to Copyright Infringement, We Can't Share The Download Link Here So, How to Download This Template? You Can Contact Us or If a Percent Chance We'll Give The Download link Then Check Out These Pages:-

Demo Download Contact Us

Post template format for Apps or Games

For posts about Apps, you use the label _Apps, and for posts about Games, you use the label _Games, then use the HTML code below to post information.

<!-- APP Thumbnail Post -->
<noscript><img src="url_icon_image_app"/>
<img class='altImg' src="url_alt_image_app"/>
<!-- End APP Thumbnail Post -->

<!-- APP Detail Information -->
<div class="pAG">
    <div><small>Name</small><span class="apName">app_name</span></div>
    <div><small>Package Name</small><span><a href="url_playstore_app" rel="noopener" target="_blank">name_package_app</a></span></div>
    <div><small>Version</small><span class="apVersi" data-text="text_apk">app_version</span></div>
    <div><small>Size</small><span class="apSize">app_size</span></div>
    <div><small>Price</small><span class="apPrice">app_price</span></div>
    <div><small>Requires</small><span class="apReq">os_platform</span></div>
  <div class="s">
    <div><small>MOD Features</small><span class="apMod" data-text="text_mod">app_mod_features</span></div>
    <div><small>Download Link</small><span>available_download_link</span></div>
<!-- End APP Detail Information -->

<p>Short description of the app, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.</p>

<!-- more -->

<!-- Table of Contents -->
<details class='sp toc s1'>
  <summary data-show='Show all' data-hide='Hide all'>Table of contents</summary>  
  <div class='toC' id='toContent'></div>
<!-- End Table of Contents -->

<!-- Gallery image APP -->
<div class='galWrp'>
  <img class="c sz" alt="title_image" src="url_image"/>
  <img class="c sz" alt="title_image" src="url_image"/>
  <img class="c sz" alt="title_image" src="url_image"/>
  <img class="sz" alt="title_image" src="url_image"/>
  <img class="sz" alt="title_image" src="url_image"/>
<!-- End Gallery image APP -->

<h2>Introduce about APP</h2>
<p>Introduce about APP ...</p>


<p>Graphics ...</p>

<h2>MOD APK version of APP</h2>
<p>MOD APK version of APP ...</p>

<h3>MOD feature</h3>
  <li>MOD feature 1..</li>
  <li>MOD feature 2..</li>
  <li>MOD feature 3..</li>

<h2>Download APP APK & MOD for ...</h2>
<p>Download APP APK & MOD for ...</p>

<h3 class="title n">Available Versions of APP</h3>

<!-- Available APP Download Link -->
<div id="ldApGm">
    <!-- Link DL with tag a -->
    <a href="link_DL_app" data-text="filename_DL_app" data-size="app_size">
        <!-- with app icon -->
        <div class="lazy" data-text="alt_img_icon" data-style='background-image:url(url_icon_app)'></div>
            <span>app_name <b>app_version</b></span>
                <span class="apk" data-text="text_apk"></span>
                <span class="mod" data-text="text_mod">app_mod_features</span>

    <!-- Link DL with tag a -->
    <a href="link_DL_app" data-text="filename_DL_app" data-size="app_size">
        <!-- with app icon -->
        <div class="lazy" data-text="alt_img_icon" data-style='background-image:url(url_icon_app)'></div>
            <span>app_name <b>app_version</b></span>
                <span class="apk" data-text="text_apk"></span>
                <span class="gp" data-text="text_other"></span>

<!-- End Available APP Download Link -->

<p>closing sentence, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.</p>


Hope you Enjoyed This Post and Learned Something About Blogger Templates, If you still have any questions when installing the template, please comment below the article. I will try to help if I can. If you find/face any Issues with This Template or on the Website you can Contact Us We'll reply to you As Soon As Possible Stay Tuned for Upcoming Articles.

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