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Here's all about Dumpor - Anonymously Instagram Story Viewer

Dumpor - Instagram Story Viewer: Are you looking forward to seeing Instagram Stories secretly? If yes, try "Dumpor Instagram Video Viewer" again!

Dumpor - Instagram Story Viewer: Are you looking forward to seeing Instagram Stories secretly? If yes, try "Dumpor Instagram Video Viewer" again! Instagram, is a popular social media marketing platform. It will only allow you to view certain content if you do not have an account. The user will be prompted to log in or register after a short period of time.

Some people want to remain anonymous and be able to see the content of other accounts without having to log in. No one can know that he is secretly viewing other people's profiles. Dumpor is an excellent resource for logging in to other Instagram accounts.

Let's dive into this tool.

Here's all about Dumpor - Anonymously  Instagram Story Viewer

Dumpor - Secret Instagram Stories Viewer

What Exactly is Dumpor?

Dumpor is an anonymous Instagram Story Viewer. which allows users to view all the stories that have been removed from their accounts. This tool is useful for users who need to know which news stories they user has deleted.

Dumpor has two websites: the web and the app store. It is offered free of charge and does not require confirmation.

The Working Process of Dumpor

Dumpor is a program for reading and summarizing Instagram Stories.

It simplifies the process of reading long Instagram stories and is completely free.

  • Dumpeo starts scanning the entire story and then collects all the pictures. A machine learning algorithm analyzes these images.
  • Pulls information like location, hashtags, and users who have mentioned or liked the story.
  • Dumpor collects information and then creates an overview of the story.

This summary includes a description of the scene, key quotes from the story, and important information about the images.

  • Dumpor is also available as a Chrome add-on for Firefox.
  • You can also use Dumpor to read stories from iOS and Android devices.

Dumpor app login process

  1. Dumpor asks you to download the app through Google Play, App Store, or Google Play.
  2. After installing the app, open it and click on “View Incognito Stories” and click on “View incognito stories”
  3. It will let you browse all private Instagram stories.
  4. There is all the information about the story, as well as the name of the poster and profile picture.
  5. Clicking on the story title will take you to the story page.
  6. It is easy to use and includes all the information you need about each story.

Dumpor main features

Let's look at the main features that make up Dumpor.

Instagram Story Incognito is the first and most optional service used by Dumpor users.

  • Dumpor also allows you to download videos from Instagram. The official Instagram is still unable to download these videos.
  • You can also visit other people's Instagram accounts in secret and see their winds via Dumpor.
  • Dumpor uses an easy-to-use interface. Using Dumpor is not rocket science.
  • Dumpor can quickly analyze your Instagram account.
  • It will allow you to search for everything you need using hashtags.
  • It is completely free and easy to use. 

Instagram Stories Guide to Boost Engagement for Your Brand

Currently, there are more than 500 million people who create and view Instagram Stories on their mobile devices every day. One in three people said they became more interested in brands and products after seeing stories about those brands offering these products. In short, IG Stories increase your reach and engagement and, in some cases, influence buying behavior.

Instagram Stories help you connect and engage with your audience in a real way to build relationships that increase customer loyalty.

In fact, the Instagram Story feature was created to help brands share quick photos and videos with their followers to highlight what makes them unique. Plus, stories give your audience a sneak peek into what's going on behind the scenes — and followers love it.

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Alternatives of Dumpor App

There are several options for anonymous viewers for Instagram stories. These alternatives were recently launched. These alternatives, while not perfect, are still better than what is currently available.


InstaDump can be a browser extension to allow users to view anonymous Instagram stories without having to log in or use another app. It also allows users to save stories and search for specific stories.


Installer might be the best option for Dumpor. The app allows users to browse other Instagram stories without revealing their identities. This is one of the best apps that you can use to instantly preview posts and stories.


InstaStories lets you browse and review Instagram posts anonymously. After visiting the tool, enter your username in the search box. Then click "Search" and select the icon. You will see the result.

IZoom you

IZoom you allows users to enlarge their Instagram profile pictures. This app allows you to view, download and view Instagram profiles, stories, posts, and photos on your mobile devices.

4K Stogram

4k Stogram helps you download photos, stories, and videos from Instagram. You need to copy the username of any Instagram account to download the photos and videos you want.


Pixox can be a substitute for unpacking. This driver allows you to view and download images and stories however you like. This tool is considered to be the best anonymous Instagram app that you should use in 2022.


Dumpor Instagram Tools allows you to search for stories and articles from public Instagram accounts from any web browser. It will allow you to view their profiles including followers, accounts, and blog posts.

 You can also access any of your articles and stories for verification even after deleting your stories within 24 hours. This tool will not work with unique accounts. You will still be able to see the account, but posts, stories, and other details will be blocked.

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