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Mass Produced Jewellery Or Hand Made Jewellery?

Jewelry has been used throughout the ages to bring good luck and protect against danger, as well as for ceremonial wear.
Mass Produced Jewellery Or Hand Made Jewellery?

Jewelry has been used throughout the ages to bring good luck and protect against danger, as well as for ceremonial wear. For example, amulets worn by the Romans were inlaid with specific gemstones to defend themselves from dangers during battle.

In the modern day, some elements of superstition have been retained, as many people are drawn to wearing jewelry containing their birthstone in the belief that it will bring luck, protection, prosperity or clarity, for example. buy Mexican pregnancy bolas at Spoo-Design

Jewelery is still used for traditional religious ceremonies such as weddings and engagements, where rings are exchanged as a symbol of commitment. It is also given as a gift to mark an important occasion such as coming of age, christenings or retirements and graduation ceremonies in some countries like America. - Spoo-Design

And, of course, jewelry is used for pleasure purposes, as a way of complimenting an outfit or expressing yourself. There is a wide variety of different styles available today, catering to all age groups and occasions, covering a wide spectrum of color preferences for every personality. I have a few necklaces and earrings that I wear with some of my wardrobe purchased specifically for this purpose.

I recently noticed how virtually every clothing store, including large chain stores and even iconic superstores, now has a large area of ​​space dedicated to colorful combinations of earrings, bracelets, and pendants.

Hand-Made Jewellery?

The next time you're in a store, notice how the rainbow-colored jewelry is perhaps strategically placed to complement one another, shimmering and shimmering under the spotlight, drawing you in like a moth in candlelight. What I would say about this type of jewelry is that it is typically silver plated and moderately priced, but it is likely mass produced and cash-rich chain stores have the buying power to keep the prices we pay affordable. Though the downside is that if you buy something from this type of store, chances are your neighbor will show up to your barbecue wearing the same necklace you brought over the weekend!

In contrast to handcrafted jewelry, at least you can be sure that each piece has been handcrafted individually. This alone gives the piece a uniqueness not found in large street store chains. Handmade jewelry still has the same magnetism, and if you visit a craft fair, notice how all the jewelry stalls have groups of women who are drawn to those stalls filled with colorful beads.

There are some very talented artists who find their strength in jewelry design with their own specific signature. I recently met a designer from the UK whose jewelry line is completely inspired by nature. There was a breathtaking pair of earrings based on the Fuschia flower made from hundreds of beads. I was amazed at the detail that each earring had in it, so much care and skill went into recreating a living flower from beads.

Handcrafted jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry is produced all over the world and I have noticed how the colors and designs reflect the country's culture for me.

A good example of this observation is handmade jewelry in Africa, which for me has a very tribal feel. I notice how some of the designs resemble ceremonial necklaces with very bold designs using vibrant colors contrasting with natural wood beads in all shapes and sizes. When I see this type of jewelry, it evokes a notion of African tribes making use of sustainable materials in their environment that they are putting to good use.

Another example I've come across recently is a variety of fair trade jewelry made in Chile. The range is simple, where blocks of solid cast glass in contrasting colors have been molded and set into silver finds, creating very striking earrings, pendants and rings. The colors they used are rich and bright, rather than dull and dowdy, and remind me of the vibe and energy of Chilean culture, like the brightly colored food and passionate music.

In addition to reflecting the country's culture, each piece is handcrafted using traditional skills used by communities handed down from generation to generation with perhaps the use of specific stones or colors important to their cultural beliefs.

In India, the ancient religion of Jainism is still practiced which is amazing as it is the oldest monastic tradition and can be traced back to 599-527 BC. Their beliefs are based on the law of karma, its effects on the living soul and the conditions for an action to extinguish and release souls.

In the present day, there is a small community of Jains who make fair trade handmade silver jewelry inlaid with semi-precious stones.

According to the Jain view, the soul is a living substance that combines with various types of inanimate matter and through action accumulates particles of matter that adhere to it determining its fate. The interesting thing is that most of the matter perceptible to the human senses, including all animals and plants, is linked in various "forces" to the life of the living soul and it is in this context that it is alive. Any action has consequences that necessarily follow the incarnated soul, but the worst accumulations of matter come from violence against other living beings. For this reason, jewelry production is an industry that does not harm animals or plants, or any other living matter and is therefore acceptable.

When I look at the jewelry made by these people, I definitely feel a certain reassurance from the simple yet elegant designs and the beautiful choice of stones. When I physically hold the jewelry, I have a great admiration for the people who made them, respecting the strength and power of their beliefs that have truly stood the test of time.

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