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Experience you have while doing ABC Trek

Experience you have while doing ABC Trek - The amazing trip started from Kathmandu at 7:00 AM, made it to Pokhara by 2:00 PM,
Experience you have while doing ABC Trek


Experience you have while doing ABC Trek  - The amazing trip started from Kathmandu at 7:00 AM, made it to Pokhara by 2:00 PM, and had our amazing lunch in the evening. We decided to go for a stroll and meet up with our travel agency and some trekking gear according to the plan. We will start our trek from Ghandruk and then go to Jhinu Danda. 

Chhomrong, single, Bamboo, Himalaya, Deurali, MBC, and finally to Annapurna Base Camp. The trek was planned to range from about five to eight days. We headed to have our dinner. After that, we decided to go to our hotel and packed our bags for tomorrow morning.

The Schedule

It was the morning of day two and it was just so exciting that we were actually going to Annapurna Base Camp. We should have met our guides by 7:30 in the morning but since we decided to have breakfast at Pokhara. We were late by one hour. After having our breakfast we headed on to the meeting place where we met up with our guides. 

It was already 9:00 AM. when we met them so we were pretty late. Finally, our trip started here. After the three-hour-long jeep ride from Pokhara we reached Mathu at around 1 pm and here was where we started our journey by the footage.


The people around this region use mules and horses for transportation and surprisingly China wasn’t that far away. We reached Jhinu just 30 minutes after we crossed. It was all an uphill climb till home wrong with never-ending. We later stopped at the police and had our homemade energy bars. 

We reached some room at 5:15 in the evening so we decided to stay at a place for some tea and rested for a while after that long uphill time. We later walked to the hotel which was 15 minutes away from the place. We rested went to our rooms and got cleaned up since the weather was gloomy when we reached there. We couldn’t see the mountains properly so we decided to stay in and have a hot meal and drink.

The Day 3

It is day three and we woke up to this amazing view of matagouri and Annapurna in the morning. We enjoyed the view of the mountains and got ready as we had plans to reach the rally today. We were all in a good mood because the weather cleared up and got us pumped up for the day. We were on the move at around  7:30 in the morning enjoying the view of some wazar climbing down the stairs and enjoying our way. 

Our goal was to reach lower sinuwa for our breakfast. It was an uphill climb to reach Sinuwa after we crossed the bridge slowly and gradually. We climbed uphill to lower single and we reached here at 9:00 am. 

The Day 4

It took us two hours to reach lower sinuwa from tomorrow. We were starving by the time we reached sinuwa and we had our heavy breakfast of roti and tarkari at this beautiful place now we were up for an even tougher uphill to upper sinus. After the short break we were on our way again and this is where the forest trails started.

It felt good to walk in the shade avoiding the scorching heat of the sun and we still had to walk a lot after this point. To stay at himalaya as it would be easier for us the next day. We were pretty tired but we decided to go to the Himalayas so we said goodbye to dhovan at 4:15 pm and headed to the Himalayas.

The Day 5

It’s day five and we were at MBC. Our plan for the day was to leave by five don’t miss the sunrise over the mountains. We ate satu and had coffee in the morning so when we left MBC it was already six in the morning. We were surrounded by snow and mountains after we walked for a few moments and we were just lost in the beauty of nature at this point. 

We could slowly see red rays of sun hitting the mountain tops in front of us although we couldn’t enjoy the sunrise from Annapurna Base Camp. The view we saw on our way to Annapurna Base Camp was amazing too. We didn’t stay at ABC because we thought we might have altitude problems. We then returned to MBC saying our goodbyes to Annapurna Base Camp and here is where our returning journey starts.

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